Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Ten Nerdiest Bento Boxes

#10. Wall-E.

Nothing will help you power through the rest of your work day quite like consuming everybody's favourite seven-century-old-sentient-mobile-trash-compactor. Self-microwaveable thanks to a built-in cutting laser.

#9. Jawa.

The Marmite characters of the Star Wars universe, it seems, you either adore or abhor these little fellows. Either way, your day could not but be made brighter by gobbling one up. Also: the added bonus of eating part of a planet and its twin suns.

#8. Star Trek gadgetry.

Is it a tricorder? Is it a communicator? Is the badge purely decorative, or is it a comm badge? I have no answer for these questions because my Star Trek interest only spans The Next Generation onwards, but I still want to eat them, whatever they are.

#7 Headcrabs.

Gordon Freeman's snack of choice, no doubt. Crowbar included! Just the ticket after a hard morning's experimental weapons research in your top secret Black Mesa laboratory. 

#6 Pokémon.

You've clearly lost your Super Repel, so you might as well get a meal out of it. Diglett into your pea-cashews and be sated! 

#5. Mario.

You've rescued Princess Peach for the hundredth time this week. You've repaired a multitude of leaks and faulty taps. You've had more than your fair share of run-ins with Bowser. You're tired, you're hungry, and that's completely understandable. Luckily for you, my little Italian-American plumber, gastronomical delight is but a bite away.

#4. Batman.

Everybody's favourite caped crusader! The delectable Dark Knight! You'd better cram this into your Batcave before Harley Quinn gets her filthy meathooks on it at the lunch table. 

#3. Sackboy.

The closest we'll all come to having a piece of Stephen Fry in our mouth. Seriously though, if you do ever find yourself in a situation where a piece of Stephen fry is in your mouth, make sure you sign a confidentiality agreement in return for a free house.

#2. Cylons.

Holy frak! Processed from algae, this Battlestar Galactica themed bento is probably not that delicious, but when you're desperately trying to find the path to Earth, your civilisation is in tatters, your fleet is falling apart, and all of your hair falls out when you contract space cancer, you'll probably eat anything.

#1. Big Daddy & Little Sister.

Bioshock themed anything is automatically terrific, but this is something else! The favourite packed lunch of Little Sisters if they weren't putrid little rodents without need for physical nourishment. No, I'm kidding, they are adorable. And delicious. Just make sure your box is waterproof, or it'll be pep bars, potato chips, and creme-filled cakes from here to Rapture.  


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  3. Star Trek gadgetry should be #1.
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  4. haha, if I ate sushi, i would totally want those

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  6. Strangely enough, the head crabs look the tastiest.